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It’s come to a lot of our attention(s?) that Clara Oswald is a severely underappreciated character within the Doctor Who fandom. So, we’ve decided to make Clara Oswald Appreciation Day! 

It will be happening on March 5th (because that’s the day that Ellie Oswald died).

You can do pretty much anything involving loving Clara, whether it be making a graphic, gifset, fanmix, fic, fanart, or just crying and screaming at your computer.

It would be really great if we could actually get this off the ground! Make sure to track the tag “Clara appreciation day” for updates!

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bigger on the inside [x]

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twelve days of whouffle christmas (day three: three hand holds)
↳ journey to the centre of the tardis / the day of the doctor

"Always exactly what I need."

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12 days of whouffle christmas: five hugs

↳ the rings of akhaten, cold war, journey to the centre of the tardis, the name of the doctor and the day of the doctor

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otp meme  every colour of the rainbow

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The Eleventh Tribute: [2/4] Relationships

"The Doctor. My…my Doctor."

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